Every bag counts - now!

In case of emergency and crisis situations, the efficient coordination of manpower and logistics are key. In future humanitarian organisations and crisis intervention teams benefit from timely information on the entire disaster area to manage their rescue activities - and save lives.

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Always a Sea Mile ahead

Maritime and security authorities need to monitor ship traffic and off-shore activities. Near-real-time data from space helps them observe extensive maritime areas and detect potential threats and illegal activities - anywhere, anytime.

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As Free as a Bird

The use of airborne for both in military & security as well as civilian missions has experienced an unprecedented growth over the past decade. Data transfer from the aircrafts to the operation centers poses particular challenges for the communication link - the SpaceDataHighway addresses these requirements.

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The Future of Data Relay

The SpaceDataHighway addresses the current data relay challenges by providing an end-to-end solution for space data transfer. The system fulfils current and future needs of satellite/UAS operators and data users in terms of data volume as well as data aging and response times.

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