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Key Benefits at a Glance

By increasing the volume of data transfer and the time a spacecraft or an aircraft can be in communication with the ground EDRS - SpaceDataHighway significantly improves the reactivity of satellites in terms of data aging and response time.

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SpaceDataHighway benefits

Task your satellite in near-real-time

Stay in touch with your satellite for all orbits and for longer time during each orbit. Increase your productivity, flexibility and reactivity through rapid tasking of your space asset in case of time-critical or unforeseen data requirements.

Download your data whenever you want

Reduce the delivery time of your data from several hours to just a few minutes. The SpaceDataHighway enables contact for almost the entire orbit time - giving you access to your data almost instantly and over previously unreachable areas.

Increase your data through-put

The state-of-the-art laser communication technology facilitates data transmission at up to 1.8 Gigabits per second. Combining this high-speed data transfer and the increased contact time results in a data transmission capacity of at least 50 TeraBits per day shared between SpaceDataHighway users.

Save on your ground infrastructure and operations costs

Simplify your end-to-end LEO operations. Routing your data through the SpaceDataHighway infrastructure directly to your own processing facilities reduces the need for an extensive ground station network. Through extensive terrestrial networks and SatCom infrastructure Airbus Defence and Space provides additional flexible secure data distribution and repatriation services.

Route your data over secure and trusted infrastructure

Avoid sovereignty issues connected with routing your data through foreign territory or infrastructure. The high availability and redundancy of the SpaceDataHighway as well as the future system extensions provide a safe and future-proof data transmission infrastructure.