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SpaceDataHighway is the most advanced high-performance alternative for space data transfer, providing data transmission in broadband quality in almost real time.

Todays Data Transfer Challenges

Recent years have seen an unprecedented development in satellite-based data and services usage leading to a dramatic increase of data generated in space. Additionally novel services and solutions require rapid tasking capabilities and shorter data delivery times. Conventional means of data transfer come to their limits. SpaceDataHighway is a new unparalleled enabler providing unprecedented performance options for satellite payload tasking and downlinking.

The Solution

A system of two geostationary satellites is used to relay information between Low Earth Orbit (LEO) satellites, spacecrafts or airbornes and fixed ground stations. SpaceDataHighway will enable satellites to immediately transfer data to the ground instead of waiting for up to hours before flying over a fixed ground station.

Enhance Your Business

SpaceDataHighway offers LEO satellite operators the advantage of cost-efficiency in ground operations and significantly improved access to their space assets. The service provides end users the benefit of considerably reduced cycle from data order to delivery, bringing a true meaning to the term near-real-time data.