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Intelligence Surveillance and Reconnaissance

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The utilization of Airborne has experienced an unprecedented growth over the past decade. As eyes in the sky Airbornes provide real-time situational awareness over broad areas, gather pre- and post-mission intelligence and deliver surveillance information allowing the more effective deployment of limited manpower on the ground.

SpaceDataHighway Mode of Operation for Airborne

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Discover how the SpaceDataHighway supports various modes of operation for unmanned platforms.

Effective Data Dissemination and Communication for Airborne Missions

Sophisticated Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance missions, using airborne platforms require Beyond Line of Sight (BLOS) data links to increase the range of the platform, enable rapid agile tasking, reduce data latency and provide the ability to move large data packets in a timely manner.

Depending on their area of utilisation airborne can acquire and transmit different kinds of data (e.g. SAR data, real-time videos) - many of which can be very data heavy. The effective deployment of these platforms to a large extent depends therefore on a reliable system for near-real-time downlink and data delivery. Airborne missions have very stringent communication requirements: missions increasingly need beyond-line-of-sight data links to increase the range of UASs, data links need to ensure high bandwidth and low latency connections and high demands are placed on security aspects such as link integrity and ECM robustness.

The SpaceDataHighway is the most advanced high-performance alternative for data transfer, addressing many of these challenges. The innovative system can provide transmission services to any platforms with a stable trackable flight pattern incl. High Altitude Long Endurance UAS (HALE), High Altitude Platforms (HAP) or manned surveillance aircrafts.

The SpaceDataHighway makes on-demand airborne data available at the right place and at the right time, allowing for example the acquisition of real-time situational awareness of crisis regions. Or providing rescue workers with near-real-time data of the region where they are working.

The SpaceDataHighway provides Airborne operators with:

  • Immediate broadband data transfer to the ground (data rate up to 1.8 Gbps, ideal for the transfer of full motion video at full rate with no rate change / choke-points)
  • Improved coverage and persistance
  • Security and sovereignty integrity due to very low probability of interception of laser signal
  • Significantly less platform DC power consumption and improved thermals
  • Easy retrofit to existing platforms due to the availability of COTS optical imaging turrets

Low information latency for reliable maritime monitoring

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SpaceDataHighway – a paradigm-shifting technology

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