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Weather Forecasting

Wind of Change

Climate change and global warming are expected to increase the severity and frequency of climate-related disasters. In 2011, extreme weather caused more than USD 148 Billion in economic losses. Destructive impacts of extreme weather events can be reduced through improved precision and timeliness of weather forecasts and warnings, increasing lead times and preparedness for communities, businesses and citizens.

Improved Monitoring of Weather and Climate from Space

Climate change, weather variability and the associated impacts influence all aspects of society and the economy. Virtually all industrial sectors from transportation and aviation industry through construction all the way to emergency management are heavily influenced by weather developments.

Currently more than 30 dedicated satellites form the backbone of weather forecasting, climate research and environmental assessments. 24 hours a day, 365 days a year these satellites are transmitting endless streams of information about the atmosphere, oceans, temperatures, cloud formations, wind patterns and sea currents.

The key importance for meteorological applications is the timeliness of the delivery of acquired and processed data to the end user. The SpaceDataHighway offers a robust and reliable infrastructure to transfer vast data volumes in near-real-time from the satellites to processing and archiving centers. Taking advantage of a state-of-the-art laser communication technology the SpaceDataHighway enables high-capacity data relay services with up to 1.8 Gigabits per second. The robust and future-proof architecture of the system facilitates a guaranteed data transfer service and ensures redundancy capacities, while at the same time reducing ground infrastructure and operation costs. With the SpaceDataHighway spacecrafts can be in contact with the ground for longer and for more orbits, thus allowing for an enhanced utilization of the space assets.

The increased data volume and enhanced data latency facilitated by the SpaceDataHighway supports the improved timely and spatial resolution of weather information, thus enabling authorities, businesses and individuals to achieve an improved preparedness - and ultimately prevent damage to human life and infrastructure.

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