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Wide-Area Monitoring

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Authorities and organisations worldwide are trying to mitigate the impacts of human activities on our natural resources: deforestation, loss of biodiversity, water pollution and soil sealing are some of today’s most pressing challenges.

Novel Space Technologies for European Citizens

Earth observation (EO) from space and derived solutions are vital for European citizens, economies and societies. A multitude of applications such as monitoring of environment and climate, emergency response as well as public and civil security rely on timely and accurate space-based information.

With the implementation of the Copernicus program and the associated Sentinel space segment it is estimated that 6 Terabytes of data have to be transmitted from space to ground every day. This is stretching the capabilities of the current telecommunication infrastructure. To safeguard European independence and satisfy the quality of services EO data users require the European Data Relay Systems - Europe's future SpaceDataHighway - is currently under implementation.

Thanks to the SpaceDataHighway the large volumes of valuable EO data acquired by the Sentinels will be rapidly transferred to the ground instead of having to wait for up to hours before flying over a fixed ground station. The SpaceDataHighway will be utilised to transmit at least 50% of the Sentinel data in a fast and secure way thus ensuring the timely availability of the data to users across Europe.

By providing unparalleled performance in data transmission the SpaceDataHighway support a paradigm shift from the current quasi-static observation mode of operation to a much more dynamic real-time monitoring - supporting the vision of the Copernicus program to provide valuable thematic information services to European decision makers, businesses and citizens.

With this novel technology solution Europe establishes new standards for space data transfer. The SpaceDataHighway provides an independent, fast and reliable data relay network that contributes to Europe's competitiveness, the intensification of the use of our space assets and job creation.

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